Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rainbows, Butterflies and Armageddon

Seen a post on a Social Media Site: 
It asked about marriages, and stated how a small percent of marriages are "truly happy". 

That post made me think about my marriage, and the growing pains my husband and I have had over the years. I truly believe because we had experienced so much earlier1/3 years in, in some aspects It made us become closer. Made us learn things about ourselves, what we needed and wanted to change to become better people. Not Just for each other but, for ourselves. To this very day.. I have my moments when I could grab a water balloon and chunk it at his head for something stupid he did! Then, I have the moments when he amazes me. Love changes over the years.You become closer, the love become deeper. And your throwing arm becomes stronger..... Here was my response to the post.

The first 2/3 years of a marriage is the hardest. This is the time when you lay the foundation of what is and is not except-able..... Don't go in saying "they will change".. Don't try to "change each-other". Listen more than talk, talk when your temper isn't a rage so you can articulate yourself well. Speaking in anger chances are, one will say the wrong thing and make things worse. Change not to just make the other happy, but to want to be a better person for yourself. Remember you fell in love for a reason. Marriage and love can be rainbows and butterfly's. It can be hard work. But try and keep and open heart, cool head so it doesn't become Armageddon. SLH

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